Safety is Our Mission

posted by Ram Steel    |   May 5, 2013 14:00

At Ram Steel, we firmly believe in Mission Zero. We have written our policies and procedures to reflect his statement. 

Our comprehensive safety manual incorporates procedures and policies outlined from the Occupational Health and Safety council, the iron working industry as well utilizing the policies set in place by the mining industry itself. As the mining industry has adopted ISNetworld’s system of safety verification, it is even easier for companies registered to this service to check potential contractors’ safety records and statistics as they are conveniently all in one place. 

Although there are some glitches to this ISNetworld system, we firmly believe in the documentation of safety practices and policies with full transparency. We all work together to achieve Mission Zero and this is just one more tool in the fight to provide safe work sites. We continually adapt our policies and procedures with the ever changing world of regulations, training and advances in equipment. Having a strict safety standard will only aid us in ensuring all our workers have a safe work environment.

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Safety Policies & Procedures